Do you know someone in Haiti?

by Bethany M. Dunbar, January 22, 2010

The devastating earthquake that struck Haiti has touched lives all over the world, proving once again how small our Earth really is.

Do you know someone in Haiti or know someone who knows someone, or — ?  If so and if you have information about how to help, please share here in a comment.  Some of my friends on Facebook seem to have connections — I’m seeing bits and pieces and would love to know more.  Please fill us in if you can.

Bonnie Beynnon of Burlington, one of my sister’s best friends, is working to adopt a child who lives in Haiti — possibly two children.  It’s too early to send congratulations, but I will say good luck at this point.  Bonnie found out that her little daughter Anis survived, but the paperwork from months of effort to finalize the adoption did not.  My sister tells me Bonnie is en route right now — hopefully she will be bringing Anis and possibly a second little girl back, and we will be able to offer congratulations very soon.  Meanwhile safe travels!  We are all thinking of you.

Right before the earthquake Richard Creaser, who works with me at the Chronicle, interviewed Carole Comeau, who has been working on a project to help Haiti with the United Christian Academy in Newport.  Just after this interview we got the news that Ms. Comeau was in Haiti when it happened.  She survived and sent some e-mails about her experiences.

If you check the Chronicle’s web site, our stories about that will be posted there soon.

Six degrees of separation?  Sometimes it feels like six degrees of connection.


2 responses to “Do you know someone in Haiti?

  1. It’s so hard for me to fathom that people from VT are connected to people from Haiti, but they are. My best wishes to the couple who is adopting a child (or two) – I hope that the disaster doesn’t stop all of those children from getting the homes that they deserve.

  2. Our dear Jim Currier of the World Famous Currier’s Market in Glover has done at least two mission trips to Haiti. You might want to ask him about what he does down there, and how those projects fared in the ‘quake.

    Yes, this is a small world. We are all each other’s sister, brother, mother, son. Haiti reminds us of this common thread, and urge to share.

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