A haircut and an award

by Bethany M. Dunbar, February 12, 2010

I did it.  I went to the Jon Somes Salon in Newport and wow.  What fun, a whole new look for me!   If you have not read my post about the future of journalism, I got this haircut after seeing a full-page ad in the Chronicle and thinking, well, that was a good idea.  I bet it got him a lot of business.  It turns out that was the case, and he was so busy, thanks to the ad, I had to wait a week to get my new look.  The wait was worth it, his rates are reasonable, and I made another appointment.  Yay.  Here’s me yesterday:

Photo by Joseph Gresser

Kind of drab and boring looking, don’t you think?  Thanks Jon!  I feel light and bouncy.  On the way out of the salon, the traffic stopped to let me and my son’s girlfriend go across the street.  Yes, you heard it right.  My new haircut stopped traffic.

The other thing I wanted to mention today is that the Chronicle just won first place for its series of investigative article on Safe Choices.  If you look at my post on that subject here, you will see the letter that our publisher wrote about why we devoted so much time to that story.  Congratulations to Chris Braithwaite and Paul Lefebvre for an excellent job on some very difficult stories.  The entire series is posted on the Chronicle’s web site. If you haven’t read it, you should.  It’s about how we as a society handle mentally disabled men suspected of being sexually dangerous.  These men have not been convicted of anything and can’t go through the court system because they can’t understand it.

Here’s what the New England Newspaper and Press Association judges had to say:

“Weekly Class 2  •  First Place

Paul Lefebvre and Chris Braithwaite,

The Chronicle, Barton, VT

The Chronicle investigated an important issue

that does not ordinarily get a lot of attention

from newspapers. The reporters did a great job

of spelling out the tribulations of these men.

Very nice writing.”

As journalists we are not very good at tooting our own horns sometimes.  Perhaps it’s because one of the hazards of the job is that we have to spend a lot of time listening to other people tooting their own horns.  And we know how that sounds.  But you know, once in a while we really do some good work and should go ahead and toot.  This is one of those times.

We also need to market ourselves better, and we are working on that at the Chronicle.  We’re developing a set of testimonial ads from our regular advertisers about why they use the Chronicle to sell their wares.  This should be a fun series and starts in this week’s paper.  I hope you will check it out!  Thanks for reading and have a great Valentine’s Day.


4 responses to “A haircut and an award

  1. Wow, I don’t know which is more exciting and ground-breaking. The haircut or the NENPA Award.

    They are both stunning!!

    Great job on the investigative journalism, it’s this type of dedication that lends exposure to the social issues of our day.

    And maybe it’s time for a new haircut for an environmental health and safety consultant… You look great!!

  2. I’m impressed with the haircut, the fresh new look — and even more, with the choices behind it, including the journalistic ones. Took a quick look at your Safe Choices series, and I can see why the Chronicle won the award. Thanks for taking the responsibilities of the field so seriously, while writing so well.

    Yes, you got the award I knew you would. Yes! From that first courageous article , you brought light into the darkness. One hundred years from now, historians will be asking questions about what we call the Mental Health System. Your article will become more and more important with every passing year, and become a turning point, a key reference. Chris is Paul Revere! Keep riding! Keep writing! Your series is a perfect example of the role of the press and the power of the press. Awesome. Congratulations. Revel in it….you deserve it. p.s. cute new ‘do, too. 🙂

  4. The Chronicle’s award is well deserved, and you look beautiful, Bethany (you always do!). And what a great idea (from a pr sort of person). The paper gets pr info from others; it’s time for a little pr Chronicle time! Yes!

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