What blogs do you read?

by Bethany M. Dunbar, May 14, 2010

Every so often I look through the Word Press blogs kind of randomly to see what’s out there.  It’s interesting to look, and I always wonder what else is out there that I’m probably missing.  Some of the photography blogs in particular are pretty fascinating.  So dear readers, I am hoping you will post comments here to tell me about your favorite blogs because I’d like to check them out.

One blog I like is written by a friend of mine, Bethany Knight.  It is called Tender Loving Calling. She posted a blog recently that included a link to something called the Five Tibetan Rites, and holy cow, this thing is changing my life.  It’s five simple exercises (notice I said simple not easy).  I’m finding that if I can do them each morning I do not have back pain.  They involve spinning, stretching and a sort of reverse push up.  It’s amazing.

For the past couple of years I always seem to wake up with a stiff or sore lower back.  Over the course of the day it often loosens up, or sometimes it doesn’t.  But the first time I did these exercises it felt fine right away and felt fine all day.

More and more in life I realize that different things work for different people.  As I get older I am more willing to try this and that, except not drugs so much.  But changes in diet, exercises, new blogs to read.  Sure, why not.

I am running again this spring at least a few mornings a week to try to lose weight.  Plus it makes my dog really happy.

Featured on the Chronicle’s web site this week are stories about diversity, the junior chef competition, and how local foods can help the local economy.  Plus we are putting up more bonus photos of events we have covered.  Pretty soon you will see some extras of the Orleans Central Supervisory Union and Lake Region Union High School spring concerts taken by Peter Cocoros.  He sells prints, so if your child is in there and you want a nice 8×10, give him a call.  He lives in Barton and he’s in the phone book.

Pete took some of the first photos the Chronicle published 30 years ago.  He is a veteran, a talented photographer and trumpet player.  I have to give him credit for making the switch to digital.  Like most of the other photographers I know, once he made the switch he found he loves what the digital cameras can do.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to give me some blog suggestions.


One response to “What blogs do you read?

  1. lajoyfamily.blogspot.com is the only blog other than this one that I read regularly. The Lajoys are parents of 5 foreign born adopted children and this blog tells their daily and weekly story about becoming family.

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