A penny for your thoughts….

We're listening....

by Bethany M. Dunbar, May 18, 2011

This was my first Wednesday of not delivering the Chronicle to stores in Orleans, Irasburg, Albany, Craftsbury, Hardwick and Greensboro.  Instead my plan is to spend part of the day each Wednesday — which is a down day for my editor job — working on getting more interest in the Chronicle’s web site www.bartonchronicle.com and selling some advertising there.

I’ve never sold much before, except for Labrador retriever puppies.  They are pretty easy to sell.  I kind of think this might be too.  People already love the Chronicle or maybe sometimes they hate it, but they definitely care about it.  I get a lot of feedback, and most recently a lot of it is from people online.

So my hope is that I can get people to care about the Chronicle’s web site too.  It can be a useful tool for us to connect with people in a different way — or at least we hope it will be.

We’ve started one part of this effort today.  We posted this week’s editorial about our in-depth, award-winning series on the abuse program called Safe Choices.  Included is a header we’re calling “a penny for your thoughts.”  This is to try to encourage people to give us feedback in the comment box.

If you haven’t looked at the Chronicle’s free web site for a while you might be surprised how much you will find there.  We post the week’s calendar events which includes ongoing information about galleries, libraries, museums, support groups and so on.

We put up all the obituaries and keep them there, so it’s a great resource for people looking into their family’s histories.

We have put up a pretty extended collection of archives, including the entire Safe Choices series and our coverage of the wind projects in the area, food venture feature stories, sports schedules, all our classifieds and everyone who bought a Who’s Who in business ad gets their few moments in the spotlight on the front page.

There are also lots of photos, a map of the Kingdom, Town Meeting reports, even recipes in the Chronicle Cupboard.

This is embarrassing, but I did not know until today that Jeannine Young’s recipe for Christmas Berry Mocha Fudge is on there!  Holy Cow!  Does that ever sound delicious.

I say “we” and I can just see Loudon Young with that look on his face, saying, okay, who’s we?  You and the mouse in your pocket?  That’s what he used to say to our founder and publisher Chris Braithwaite when he used the editorial “we.”

In this case it’s Joseph Gresser who put the web site together and adds stuff each week.  It’s pretty darn awesome already and pretty soon it’s going to be even cooler and more fun.

So how about it?  A penny for your thoughts?  Take a look and let us know what you think, or send us a recipe, or a story idea or tell us what you’d like to see on the site.  We just really want to hear from you.

Meanwhile, how about that green grass?  Now how about a little sunshine to go with it?  Is that too much to ask?


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