Parker Pie show of Kingdom’s Bounty photos

by Bethany M. Dunbar, November 6, 2011

Yesterday I hung my photo show at Parker Pie.  I hope all of you within driving range will come take a look.  It turns out to be a preview of coming attractions as the publication of my book, Kingdom’s Bounty, is postponed until spring.  This will no doubt be better timing for marketing, and for many of the farmers and seasonal businesses that are featured and listed.

Kingdom’s Bounty will be a guidebook — a collection of photos, stories, maps and basic information about the Northeast Kingdom.   The publisher is Umbrage Editions in Brooklyn.  Many of you know Nan Richardson who has a home in Barton; she is the publisher.  We’re wicked excited about this project.  Here’s a chance for everyone to take a sneak peek.  I’m not sure that all of these particular photos are going to appear in the book, but most of them are.

You can buy a copy of Kingdom’s Bounty ahead of time on the Umbrage web site:  Meanwhile I hope you will come take a look at the show, and let me know what you think.  While you are there try some delicious pizza with local ingredients.  The Hill Farmstead beer is always on tap. Maybe I will see you there.  The show will be up through Christmas time.

Thanks to Elizabeth Nelson who does a wonderful job as curator at the Pie.

Featured here are Jay Peak, Claire's, Hill Farmstead, Ploughgate, Too Little Farm, Vermont Highland Cattle Company, Pete's Green's, and the Lazy Lady.

On this wall are Too Little Farm, Peak View, Eden Ice Cider, a big trout, and the Zipper at the fair.

On this wall are Monica Aldrich leading Isabel Karsch at a horse show at the fair, Taylor's maple syrup, Good Life Valley Farm, and Mountain Foot Farm.

Pond skimming at Burke and prize-winning onions at the fair.

Butterworks Farm and Dennis Gibson at the Old Stone House.



One response to “Parker Pie show of Kingdom’s Bounty photos

  1. wish I could see these up close! can’t wait for the book–congrats!

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